Cory Learning Center

The Cory Learning Center prides itself in being able to remove as many obstacles as possible to help all clients attend the classes we offer. Our flexible hours and schedules allow for more clients to participate in our various programs. Classes offered are Computer, GED, ESL, and Citizenship.



Our GED classes provide individualized curriculum for each student. We offer online and in class instruction. Online instruction allows clients who can not attend due to child care, work, or transportation problems to study from their computers at home. Progress is monitored by tutor on a weekly basis. There is continuous communication with online students via phone calls or emails. In class students are given a set of preliminary examinations to determine their level of knowledge. Tutors then evaluate the information and decide on a curriculum that would best suit each students’ needs.
Student progress is monitored by intermittent Unit Reviews and Quizzes.
GED classes are student centered. We provide a tutor to help each student as needed. Students work on their individual curriculum.

  • Tutoring related to basic high school level subjects while preparing for GED Exam
  • Must be 17 years of age or older
  • self paced with deadlines per unit
  • Individualized curriculum
  • In class and online

ESL (English as a Second Language)/Citizenship

Our English Language classes provide instruction to students at different levels of knowledge. We help basic language learners who have little to no knowledge of the English language to advanced language learners who want to improve their communication skills in the work place. Student progress is monitored by grades on daily activities and oral/ written quizzes. These classes are in a classroom setting. The instructor has a curriculum he follows daily. Curriculum is based on the levels of the students in the class.

Computer Education

Our computer classes provide instruction in Basic typing, Basic Computer Knowledge, email, and Microsoft Office. Students begin by taking an entrance exam to evaluate the extent of their knowledge of computers.
Once they have completed this exam, lessons are generated for them to do according to their scores. Student progress is monitored by lesson grades and quizzes. Computer classes are both classroom and student centered. Instructor will either allow students to work at their pace and tutor as needed or give instruction to the class.

Education is offered to any person in need. Free of charge.

For more information on the GED, Computer, ESL, & Citizenship classes at the Cory Learning Center, call 432-332-1387 or complete the form below.