Emergency Services


Services Include

Homeless Relief

During times of extreme weather conditions we distribute water, food, hats, umbrellas, deodorant and other items in bags to the local homeless of the Permian Basin.

Food Pantry

We provide access to healthy food for individuals and family’s
faced with missing meals.

Housing & Transportation

For appropriate situations we can provide quick temporary housing in emergency situations.

Financial Support

We provide financial assistance to individuals in crisis. We can assist in funds for utilities, bus passes, identification cards, antibiotic prescription assistance, school supplies (as available).

*Required Supporting Documents List

-What event happened that caused a financial strain you would not otherwise have.

-Receipt for payment for a hospital bill or emergency room visit.

-Doctor’s Statement (with all contact information) requiring you to be out of work.

–This will be verified.

* An ID is required for every member of the household.

-Government Issued Identification Card

-Social Security Card for yourself and for each member of the household.

-CURRENT rent or house payment receipt.

-Copy of HUD contract.

-Tax receipt if you own your home.

-2 months of check stubs

-Current HUD/Housing Authority Rent Assistance Agreement

-VA Benefits Award Letter

-Food Stamps/SNAP Award Letter

-Unemployment Benefits Award Letter

-TANF Award Letter

-Current Child Support Award Letter or Legal Agreement * Must be file stamped

-If not receiving Child Support, please bring a registration letter from the Attorney General

-Texas Workforce Enrollment Form (signed and showing active search for employment)

-If pregnant with complications, provide diagnosis and Doctor’s Inability to Work Letter

-If you are awaiting a Disability or Workman’s Comp Claim, please bring current Doctor’s Inability to Work Letter

Services are offered to residents of Ector County