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A Tradition of Hope Through Giving Since 1986

We are entering our 33rd year of our Gift of Hope Campaign and it is proving to be our most crucial in our history. Due to our displacement over the past year, our primary concern is to ensure we can continue to provide ongoing emergency support to the most vulnerable in our community. We are committed to meeting the increasing need for the services and support that Odessans rely on. Your Gift of Hope contribution will largely determine how substantially Catholic Charities can help.

“The needy will never be forgotten, nor will the hope of the afflicted ever fade.”
Psalm 9:19

The aid funded by Gift of Hope helps families and individuals in emergency circumstances with food, medical care, prescriptions, utilities, rent, and dental care. We have people in our waiting room everyday with no food, no medicine for sick children, on the verge of no electricity for their homes. Often, they find themselves in these situations due to an unforeseen emergency.

“Katherine* came into our office requesting assistance for her electricity bill. It totaled $157.89 and she was unable to pay it. Her daughter had just been diagnosed with Leukemia and the doctor gave her about 4 more months to live. Prior to this, Katherine had held a full-time job and had plenty to provide for herself and her daughter. After verifying the illness, we paid for the total amount.”
-Catholic Charities Caseworker

Catholic Charities only criteria for giving help is NEED.“To provide immediate assistance and educate to empower for long term self-sufficiency.” The Cory Learning Center assists people in their journey to becoming self-sufficient through our GED, ESL,

Our mission remains the same, and Computer Literacy programs. Our students are from all walks of life, religions, countries, and educational backgrounds and they all benefit from these programs free of charge.

“Njokobi* is a 26-yr. old African native from Kinshawa, Congo, who fled to escape civil war between tribes. He left his parents and six siblings. He took a job in Kenya where he was able to save enough for a flight to the U.S.A. He is currently a Level 2 ESL student who is attending to improve his English language skills and better his ability to communicate as he searches for better paying positions within the company he works for.”
-ESL Teacher

I ask that in this holiday season you remember Catholic Charities and send what your family can for our Gift of Hope Campaign. We cannot do this without people like yourself who continue to help us do good works for our suffering brother and sister.

Thank you for always being there when Catholic Charities needs you.

“Gather, transform, and serve! When done in the name of Jesus Christ, this is the spirit of Catholic Charities and of all who work in the cause, because it is the faithful following of one who ‘did not come to be served but to serve.’”
(Mk. 10:45)—St. John Paul II

Your sister in Christ,

Sara C. Aguilar
Executive Director

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